Yes the new B.Nosy winter collection is finally here! This collection is devided in 5 different drops. So much to choose! 

This collection involves everything you need; neon, glitter, denim and an amazing all over prints. Not to forget the must have flared pants.

Steal the show and be a rockstar when you go back to school. Show it to all your friends! 


There are a lot of different themes in this collection this season. In our theme B. Fantastic you find a lot of typical B.Nosy  items. Girly dresses, fancy skirts en amazing colors make this theme awesome!

B. Smart is also a very innovative theme. Fancy denim pants with stripes and black combined with B.Nosy colors are very new and fresh!

We love panther and this time we put in a new material. Panther denim! It's awesome! I think this will be the musthave for every girl!

Be creative with this new collection and combine and mix and match all styles and themes. 


Not to forget our B. on top  boys. In this collection you find a sporty sweatjacket, awesome t-shirt with amazing prints and suprising colour combination.

Lot’s of denim and comfi pants can be found in this collection. B.Fast & enjoy the good vibes of this new winter delivery!

In this collection you finds lot’s of neons and a also a very nice camel color!


We picked the most spotless items from our boys and girls collection and translates these to our baby boys & girls. For our baby girls you can find, of course, animal prints like panter and leo. Neon colours, ruffles and more suprising items. For our baby boys we have cool sweaters, sweatvest and hip pants. Your baby will steal the show, B.happy, B.Nosy.